The 3 Main Tips on How to Recover Lost Mac Files

perform-your-lost-file-recovery-process-with-ease-1Mac OS X like any other computer is prone to losing files either from its system failure, unexpected deletion or from a virus attack. How to recover lost Mac files is not a walk in the park. It requires a person who has sufficient knowledge about computers. But you can follow simple steps to recover any lost file on your Mac OS X PC. Here are the three essential tips that will help in recovering them.

1.Find it in the recycle bin

Recycle bin usually houses any deleted file in the computer. These are the primary steps to be followed to ensure successful data recovery from trash.

Open the recycle bin folder- By opening this folder, you will find all the deleted files stored in it. Find the item that you want to restore- You may decide to scroll the items one by one till you find that file. Similarly, if you can type in the search bar and the computer will find it. Right-click the item and select Put Back command- once you have located the lost file then, you can restore it by just clicking the Put Back command or drag it to the desktop.

2.Checking the Time Machine

If you cannot locate that file in the recycle bin, then checking the Time Machine should be the next best method. It provides a bit wider search compared to the first process.

perform-your-lost-file-recovery-process-with-ease-2First open the window that contained the file you want to retrieve. By doing this, you should open the folder that the lost file was contained. If you have used this Time Machine function to create the backups files, then you might find the elder file version that got lost. Connect your Mac PC to Time Machine drive- if the Time Machine backups are not installed in your the computer; ensure that an external drive has been connected before you can proceed. Then open the Time Machine Menu- This is done by selecting the “Enter Time Machine” command that is located on the menu bar. Loading may take some time before your computer can synchronize with it. Find the backup file- you can go through the folder back and forth to locate the specific backups. Still you can use the timeline to jump direct to it or uses the search bar to get a particular file in the snapshot. Preview and restore the file- open the recovered files in the snapshot to find the version that is close to what you want. Once you are satisfied with it, select it and click the restore command.

3.Uses a Data Recovery Program or Software

Among other processes, this one is a bit complicated, but it is one of the most effective methods on how to recover lost Mac files. It works best immediately after you discover that you have lost a file and these are the steps you should follow.

First stop using the drive immediately- By deleting a file it means that it is overwritten and to stop this, you need to halt the drive from working. Do not do anything like to save, open any program or delete any file. If the startup drive is where the file is, then turn off your computer. Download a file recovery software/program- this should be in another computer or drive to ensure that the lost/deleted file does not become overwritten. There are many programs like the Disk Drill, PhotoRec, and others. Use a USB (if possible) to install the data recovery program- This will prevent anything file in the hard drive from being overwritten. Scan the drive- Select the drive that contains the lost file and specify the types of file for the program to search. It is advisable to narrow the search so as to increase the scanning speed. Try the quick scan, and if it does not work, you can opt for deep searching. Select and save your file- After the scanning, the computer will present you with multiple files and you can preview them to get what you wanted to recover. Selected the file, and you will be prompted to save it. By saving the file, the recovery process will be over.

These are the main three tips on how to recover lost Mac files. They are very simple, and if you can follow them strictly, then you are guaranteed to recover that important file you lost.

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