A Good Data Recovery Solution for Mac or Windows PC Users

windows and mac data recoveryHaving a hard drive or system crash coupled with data loss on your Mac or Windows PC can be a complete nightmare for experienced and newbie users. If the file loss is not mechanical, but in fact a software issue, that file can be recovered with a low level of effort. If the failure is mechanical, and a hard drive has failed (i.e. makes clicking or banging noises and does not allow for booting, etc), professional file recovery becomes necessary.

When you have encountered an occasion where you need file recovery, act quickly, and DO NOT PANIC. The loss can be as simple as searching your Mac Trash Bin or your Windows Recycle Bin. As well, you can try lost file recovery software such as uFly Mac lost data recovery program or Windows version data recovery software which is very effective in recovering your files on matter you are using Mac or Windows PC. Before we start to use the recovery tool, here are some experience tips.

File Recovery Tips

One thing that cannot be overstated is that if you hear noises or your hard drive is calling up serious errors – SHUT DOWN your Mac immediately! At this point, only a data recovery professional company should be examining your drive. And keep in mind that the longer you run your system, the more likely your data will be permanently lost.

Back Up is King

Although most people understand that backing up is the key to recovering files and data in cases of mechanical or software data loss, but few of them will do it. We cannot stress this enough that consistent backup plan can save your company thousands of dollars when your hard drive inevitably fails. Although hard disks are remarkably well crafted today, they still fail maybe today or ten years from now. Backing up consistently means you will always have a strong degree of safety.

Utility and Data Recovery Software Programs

get back lost data both on mac and windows pcWhile utilities are great for fixing Mac or Windows PC data loss problem, they are a double edged sword in the area of data recovery.

First of all, if your drive is making loud or strange sounds, DO NOT USE A UTILITY. Turning off your computer immediately and contacting a data recovery professional company are likely your only recourse. This is because using your hard drive that is making noises can cause permanent damage which even the best data recovery service will not be able to fix.

If you do not have a mechanical issue, a lost file recovery program such as uFly data recovery tool we mention above may be a good choice. But please ensure you not save recovery files in source drive.

An important warning regarding your hard drive.

Never, ever, attempt to open your hard disk drive by yourself. In fact, breaking the seal can damage many drives beyond repair, making your ability to recover data completely non-existent. This is because data drives are extremely specialized pieces of electronic equipment, and the slightest hint of dust or dirt will destroy the drive’s integrity very quickly. So if someone asks to open your hard drive, think again. Only trust professional company with what is called a “clean room” to open your drive. Specialized equipment is key for this operation, and only professional data recovery companies can do this.

Kindly Tips

1. Remember, after getting the lost files back, don’t save them on the path where your lost files were stored before or you may lose them again.

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