Files or data deleted or formatted from our computer hard drive or storage device still exists on the machine. But they are not accessible for regular users. Nevertheless, with the help of data recovery software like uFly Data Recovery Software, you can just recover files on computer hard disk drive or other storage devices.

Recover Lost Files from Computer Hard Disk Drive or Storage Device

As we may know already, in the past, file recovery has been a difficult task that, usually, required the help of professional data recovery professors. But the lucky thing is that, something’s changed. With uFly Data Recovery Software, now even computer novices can do it by themselves without any pressure. Free risk and robust data recovery process are just a few mouse clicks away: Choose device, Scan, Preview and Recover.

It’s the easiest, fastest and safest solution to recover files from hard disk drive or storage device lost due to wrong deletion, accidental formatting, improper process or any other unknown reasons you can name out. With the latest reliable powerful scanning algorithms, it can scan any computer hard drive or external device or other kind of storage device without destroying any data. It also helps you to recover files like Word document, Excel files, emails, image, video, audio files in no time at all.

I Want uFly that Helps Me Recover Hard Disk Drive Files

Not only recover hard disk drive files, uFly recover files which lose from any other storage devices like USB drive, memory card, external drive, etc.

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Why Lost Files Can Be Restored from Computer

Though it is difficult for ordinary users to do that, but in fact, that data recovery is still be possible to perform with data recovery software like uFly Data Recovery Software. But the first thing I suggest you to do is stop using your hard drive or storage device to avoid data overwritten problem.

When data loss happens, the computer operating system will not delete the files. It just removes the catalog or the files and then free up the spaces of these files, too. The occurrence can help you to get more space so that you have enough space to store new files into this device later. So, chance is still there for you to recover your lost data.

But if you have already put new files into the drive, the new files will occupy the space that is belonging to the “deleted files”, this is the data overwritten I said above. When the process happens, you will lose the chance of data recovery.

Step by Step to Recover Computer Hard Disk/Storage Device Easily

Step 1: Run Data Recovery Software and Choose Device

Run uFly Data Recovery Software on your computer first. Users will see the hard drive or a storage device which was plugged in the computer are shown on the software interface.

Users don’t need to worry about the process of data recovery because it can make the complicated data recovery operation become easy to finish. Users just need to follow the guidance to achieve file recovery.

Step 2: Process Scanning Operation

No matter what method your data lost from, for example, your computer hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, camera, camcorder, etc. This software can quickly help you to find out the lost data and recover it. Base on the deeply scanning function, you just need to choose the device and then click “Scan” button. The software will scan your device and find out the lost data.

Step 3: Preview the Found Files and Start Recovering

When the scanning is finished, you will see the found files are all listed on your left, choose one of them to preview to determine if this is the file you intend to recover (only photo files can be previewed). After the process, you just need to click “Recovery” button to achieve data recovery operation in few minutes.

Video Tutorial: How to Recover files from Hard Disk DriveYou can follow this video tutorial to recover lost files from hard disk drive with ease.

Some Tips of Data Recovery You Should Learn

Tips for Lost Data Recovery

Due to the characteristic of data you store on your computer hard drive or other storage device, they are only marked as they were deleted from the device, and they are inaccessible. But if new data do not cover them, users still have a chance to retrieve them with third party data recovery tool.

Back up File Is Important

In many posts that were posted on our site, we have mentioned many times the importance of file backup because this can help users to protect files from data loss situation. Users can back up their data on cloud service (like Mac users can use iCloud, and Windows OS users can back up files on Microsoft Cloud) or use storage device to save files.