In our daily lives, we can say that our business or study cannot work without Word documents for so many reasons. But we may come across lots of troublesome situations sometimes. Like we deleted our Word documents mistakenly from our computer and then emptied the Trash bin. Or we may format our storage device like USB drive, external drive that stored the important Word documents. Or some other unknown reasons can also lead to Word documents loss problem. Once these situations happen, what should we do? How can we solve them? What to do to recover lost Word documents on the computer, or recover them from the storage devices? Not so difficult! What should you do? OK, you need to stop using your computer or storage device and find the third party data recovery software on Google to restore all lost Word documents or any Office files like Excel, PPT, etc. on your computer with ease.

What to Do to Recover Lost or Deleted Computer Word Documents

uFly Data Recovery Software is a strong and powerful lost file recovery software which enables users to retrieve all kinds of files like Word documents, Excel files, PPT or other kinds of Office documents. Moreover, all photos, video or audio file formats which lose due to accidentally deleting, wrongly formatting or other reasons can also be recovered by it.

I Want uFly that Helps Me Recover Lost Word Documents

Not only recover Word documents, uFly recover other office files like PPT, Excels, etc which lose due to an reasons. And it supports almost all kind of file formats.

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Why Lost Word Documents Can Be Recovered

Though it is difficult to do that, but, in fact, that lost computer Word documents recovery is still be possible to perform. But the first thing, as I said above, users need to stop using the device to avoid data overwritten problem.

Let’s explain it in an easy way. When you find data loss happens, it seems that all the files are gone you cannot find them anywhere. Actually, what the operating system does is only going to delete the catalog and free up the space of the files so that there is enough space for you to store new files into your computer hard drive or storage device later. At this moment, you still have a chance to recover the deleted files no matter you format your computer/storage device or delete files from your computer/storage device. That’s why the lost files can be recovered.

But one thing you need to pay attention to is that if you put any new files into your hard drive, these new files will occupy the space of the “deleted files”-this is the so-called data overwritten situation. Once it happens, you will lose the chance to recover the files.

How to Perform Computer Lost Word Documents Recovery

Step 1: Run uFly Data Recovery and Choose Device

Download uFly Data Recovery on your computer first. After installing it, run it, and then you will find that the user-friendly and easy to use interface has been shown up. You can easily choose your computer hard drive or storage device which you plug it in your computer on the bottom of the interface.

Step 2: Start Scanning for Lost Files

After choosing the device, simply click “Scan” button to start scanning, uFly Data Recovery for computer will automatically scan and find out the lost files. Maybe the scanning process will take you long or short; it depends on how large the space your device is. If your device gets a large store, it takes a long time, if not, then it takes a short time. So just be patience during the scanning process.

Step 3: Preview and Recover Files

After scan process is finished, users will find lots of found files are listed on the left side. You can choose one to preview (only photo files can be previewed) and make sure if it is the file you want to recover. If yes, simply choose it by ticking the little box before this file and then click the button “Recovery”.

Video Tutorial: How to Recover Lost Word documents from Your ComputerYou can follow this video tutorial to recover lost Word documents or any other files from your computer in easy steps.

Tips for Recovering Unsaved Word Documents

Is It Possible to Recover Unsaved Word Documents?

To tell you the truth, it is still difficult to say that. It is hard for you to recover a Word document if you haven’t saved them before. So, here I bring you some important tips which may help you a lot if you want to recover the unsaved Word documents.
1. Go and check the folder that named “Recovered items” in “Trash”.
2. You can also find the files named “Word Work File” in the folder “Temporary items” by typing “/private/var/folders”. It may be a chance (only MAYBE a chance) for you the get lost Word documents back to life.

How to Improve Your Word Document Recovery Success Rate on Computer

Usually, your deleted Word document are not lost permanently; it still exist on the computer system, so you have a chance to use data recovery applications like uFly Data Recovery Software to restore them. But you must stop using your computer right now to avoid deleted data may be overwritten. Once the files are covered by the new data, nothing can help you.
Second, if you know your lost document place like which drive, which file system etc., it will save more time for you.

How to Make the Chance of Lost Word Document Recovery Become Bigger

In, generally speaking, the lost or deleted Word documents are not really lost forever. They still exist on your computer hard drive or the storage devices, but they are not accessible. So there is still chance for you to get them back.
But you need to keep your device avoid from data overwritten I said above. It can make the chance of data recovery bigger than usual.
And one more thing you need to pay attention to is how to avoid Word document unsave/corruption situation. You just need to remember two important functions which can help you a lot: the “Autosave” and “Autobackup”. With these two function, you can easily protect your Word documents away from unsave or corruption problem once you set them to auto save or back up every 5 minutes.