Which One is Better-Compare iOS 8 with Android 5.0

Which one is better, iOS or Android? Well, this is an old topic, but here we will talk about again. In June, iOS 8 and Android 5.0 are both released and pushed in this autumn. Now the coverage rate of iOS 8 reached 50%. Although Android 5.0 not be used widely, lots of users can upgrade to it now. Today we will compare with iOS 8 and Android 5.0. Which one is better is decided by you, show me your answers by comments.compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-1

Lock Screen

compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-2No matter you are using iPhone or Android phone, the lock screen is the first sight when you launch your phone. Both iOS and Android 5.0 offers notifications about SMS and call on the lock screen, both of them offer the quick reply function. When message is pushed to Android 5.0, users can double click this message to get into the app which send this message. There is a same function on iOS 8, slide right to get into this app to read the message.

Both iOS 8 and Android 5.0 can launch camera quickly on lock screen. But Android 5.0 add the quick to launch the dial option on lock screen.

The Main Interface

compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-3There is a clear distinction between iOS 8 and Android 5.0, iOS 8 only gets primary application menu, but Android 5.0 have two, this means except the main interface, there is still one more application menu, all of the apps of Android 5.0 are stored here. The iOS 8 looks more simple, only one application menu and only docks on the interface. And Android 5.0 can put other widgets on the main interface except the docks of their apps.

Notification Area

compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-4iOS 8 separates quick settings and the notification area. Android 5.0 has uncluttered its notification dropdown and includes essential quick settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto rotate and Location. Like iOS, there’s now a flashlight option. Plus, there’s more you can do now-you can switch between users directly from the notification screen, tap to reply to message notifications and cast the screen on to a connected device.

To put it in a nutshell, Android has more features to offer, while iOS 8 has limited features that are a bit more refined.


compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-5Apple add the widgets in iOS 8, but be different with Android’s, iOS 8 widgets are set in the notification area. The advantage of this is no matter which interface of the apps users are viewing, they just need to pull down the notification area and then they can check the widgets. But the disadvantage is that there is a limitation of the area of it, and the widgets cannot be set their size. Android 5.0 widgets can be put on the interface, users can check them when they turn back to the main interface. Which one you prefect to use?


compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-6The interface of multi-task are get a big change both on iOS 8 and Android 5.0. Android 5.0 use the arrangement mode which is similar with Chrome, all the multi-tasks are overlaid and users can roll up and down to check them. iOS 8 use the card style background system, users can slide left or right to view the multi-task. Both of iOS 8 and Android 5.0 can shut down the app by sliding the apps.

Dial and Contact

compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-7Both iOS 8 and Android 5.0 show a very simple dial interface to users. But there is a big different on the contact interface. Just like the older version, there is not any change on the contact interface of iOS 8. But the Android 5.0 is more colorful, and the contact can be shown as list or card. iOS 8 is the simple style and Android 5.0 is more colorful and easy to use, which one you like to choose?


compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-8Both iOS and Android are the extremely mature system, so they are doing well in the message field. Both the interfaces are simple and easy to use. But there is one big advantage of iOS-when both the users are using iOS device to send message by using iMessage, the system will choose iMessage to send the message, when the one you send message to is not using iMessage, then the system will send the message in the normal way. What’s more, iMessage can send photos and videos except txt message.


compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-9Camera is always the strength of iOS. iOS 8 has more functions and the interface is more simple for users to use. What’s more, iOS 8 adds 240 FPS slow motion and time-lapse shooting. Android’s camera looks a little bit simple and most of the functions are hidden in the menu button. In this field, iOS 8 is more stronger than Android’s.


compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-10Android 5.0’s stock keyboard is very different from the one on iOS 8. It’s flatter and, as usual, lets you ‘swype’ instead of typing individual keys. While iOS 8’s built-in keyboard does not let you swipe text, both keyboards are equally accurate and intuitive to use.

Unlike Android 5.0, iOS 8 separates the notification and shortcuts for quick settings. While notifications appear on the top dropdown, the Control Center lets you swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to give you quick access to Bluetooth, Airplane and Sleep modes, Wi-Fi and auto-rotate options. However, it lacks the GPS/Location setting which you’ll find on Android 5.0.

Siri & S Voice

compare-with-ios-8-and-android-5-11Come to this field, Android 4.4 just need users say “OK, Google” and then the Google Now is activated directly. In Android 5.0 it is more powerful, no matter which interface you are viewing, just say “OK, Google” and then the Google Now can be activated, even it can be used when your phone screen is locked.

And there is a little bit change on iOS 8’s Siri, users just need to say “Hey Siri” and then Siri can be active, but this function can be used only the iOS device is charging. If you need to use Siri, you need to launch it on your device.

Final Conclusion

OK, this is what we want to share with you. Have you choose which one is better? But in my own opinion, no matter iOS or Android, choose the one you like and choose the one which is comfortable when you are using it.

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