Comparison Between Data Recovery Software and Photo Recovery Software

compare data and photo recovery software

You are in the process of transferring hundreds of family pictures off your camera and onto the computer when suddenly the power flickers and the images are gone. If you have ever been in this type of situation or something similar, you know how it feels to lose something precious. Many people think that once a file has been deleted or a file is corrupted that all the information is lost forever. The reality is that companies which are focusing on data recovery industry have designed photo recovery software that can save those precious memories. Other companies like Data Transfer and Systweak have created data recovery software that will do something along those lines. The real question is: what kind of software is the optimal choice when your images, photos, music and even videos have been deleted or destroyed?

Let’s take a look at the two types of recovery applications to better understand which type of software is used for which purpose.

Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software is more powerful than other types of recovery software because it’s designed to scan large hard drives for hundreds or thousands of different file types. Many people think that data recovery software is able to find and save every piece of information that was lost. However, just like any type of software, data recovery applications have their own restrictions and simply are not going to be able to recover every specific file lost. This type of software is also limited to hard drives or other large storage devices. While they may be able to recover some of your photos and other types of media they simply don’t have the photo recovery focus most people want and need.

Photo Recovery Software

comparison between data and photo recovery softwarePhoto recovery software doesn’t have the power you will find in full fledge data recovery applications. The lack in power doesn’t limit its ability to recover lost files but simply sets its focus on recovering a few specific types. Not only will you only find photos, music and videos but you will also be able to scan dozen of file types that data recovery software could possibly miss. You will also be able to connect your camera directly to the computer or scan a micro SD card or any other memory card. Photo recovery software will ensure that you are able to restore lost memories because the program focuses 100% if its efforts on that task alone.

Final Conclusion

As you can see both types of software are capable of restoring lost images, photos, music and even videos. However, if you are using a memory card or need to recover photos directly from a camera the only real option is to use photo recovery software. Some companies offer professional editions of the same software that include both the basic and even more advanced features. This type of software is going to cost you quite a bit more money but will give the freedom of recovering photos, data or a combination of both. Each type of software has its area of expertise and as such should be used accordingly. On our official webiste uFly stuido you can get more about data or photo rescue articles so that you can learn more clearly about these two software.