Don’t Give Up on Mac Data Recovery

Many Mac users spend hours working on a long project, and then the unthinkable happens—a file goes missing. It can take several minutes of frantic searching to determine where it went, and what could possibly have gone wrong. While there are many reasons why a file may go missing, it’s important to not give up, as it is possible to recovery missing files on a Mac with the uFly program.

No matter what type of file has gone missing, it can be recovered. Mac file types that contain extensions such as .dox, .doc, .ppt, .ps, .jpg, and .png are some of the most popular file types. So, whether you’re using Word, Pages, Numbers, Excel, Powerpoint, Keynote, Photoshop, and more, you can still recover files with almost any extension.

Many people may be curious as to why files can go missing from the computer. Sometimes it’s the fault of the computer. The older Mac computers had an actual spinning hard drive, which could glitch or wear out over time. The newer Macbooks have digital drives, eliminating some of these issues.

Sometimes people get into the zone and then don’t pay attention to what they’re doing. They may move the wrong file to the wrong folder or the trash can, or they may erroneously name the file the wrong name, or overwrite an older file still needed.

If you share your computer at school or work, someone else may have thought you were done with your project and deleted it. In some instances, people will maliciously delete files from a computer.

Often people may save their files to another connected computer, hard drive or USB drive and not realize it. In these instances it is a lot easier to find your files, but can still be frustrating, especially if you do not have the external devices with you when you do need your files.

There may be many other instances of losing your files, but uFly is a great Mac files recovery solution, no matter why you can’t find your documents: hard drive failure, or human stupidity.

uFly is easy to use. You begin by scanning from a particular date in time. It doesn’t matter if you lost your files today, or a week ago, though chances are slimmer for recovering older files, as they may have been rewritten.

It will bring up a list of files that it has found. You can then sort through it and decide which ones you want to actually recover. You can then select them and have uFly actually recover these files for you. Once your files have been recovered, you can sort through the list to find the ones that you need. Hopefully your missing files are here, otherwise, you gave it your best shot.

It’s important to remember to never give up, if you are in fact missing files from your Mac computer. Even thought it takes time to set up uFly and scan for missing files, just think how much time it would take for you to recreate your Word, Powerpoint or Photoshop project!