How Can We Recover Lost Files from Emptied Mac Trash Bin

get back files from emptied mac trash“Hi, I just deleted a Word document and then emptied the trash bin on my Mac. What’s worse, I don’t have backup on my Mac. How can I recover files from emptied Mac trash bin? Please help me.”

This problem is normal in our day because we are very busy during our work. So, some mistakes have been made. Sometimes when we deleted a file and empty the Mac Trash bin, we might think that the files are gone forever from our Mac. But is it true? Files cannot be recovered? The answer is “NO”. Though the files no longer exist on the Mac trash bin or other places on your Mac hard drive, you’re likely to recover files from emptied Mac trash bin with some useful data recovery apps which major in the data recovery field. But the data recovery must satisfy a condition is that after data loss happens, you cannot put any new files into your Mac to avoid data overwritten situation.

As a powerful data recovery app, uFly Data Recovery for Mac is a reliable program that allows you to recover deleted files from Mac trash bin easily. This powerful data recovery software enables you to recover a huge amount of file types like JPG, GIF, PNG, MOV, MP4, RMVB, MKV, MP3, WMA, Office files like Word document, Excel files, or emails, etc.

Why The Lost Files Can Be Recovered

When you deleted files from your Mac hard drive (or other storage device,) even like we discuss in this article-empty Mac trash bin, it seems that all the files are gone and you cannot find them anywhere. Actually, what the operating system only does is going to delete the catalog and free up the space of the files so that there is enough space for you to store new files into your hard drive later. At this moment, you still have chance to recover these files no matter you format your hard drive or delete files from your hard drive.

But one thing you need to pay attention to is that if you put any new files into your hard drive, these new files will occupy the space of the “deleted files”-this is the so-called data overwritten situation. Once this happens, you will lose the chance to recover the files.

How to Recover Files Step by Step

how to recover emptied trash files on MacStep 1-Run uFly Data Recovery for Mac

After installing uFly Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac, you will see there is a simple but tiny interface. All function buttons are listed on the interface so users no need to find any hidden option. This can help users even computer novices can handle it without any stress.

Step 2-Launch Scan Function to Search Lost Files

While running the software, you will see your hard drive will be listed on the interface. You can simply click it to choose and then click “Scan”. The software will scan deeply for finding the lost files.

To whom want to recover lost files from the external hard drive or restore deleted files from the USB drive, just plugged the device in the Mac. The external hard drive/USB drive will be shown on the interface just like the Mac hard drive. Then users can choose the item and start scanning.

Step 3-Preview the Found Files and Recover Them

Because of the deeply scanning ability, all of the recoverable files will be scanned out and shown on a new list. You can choose one to preview. (Preview function only works on photo files.)

To recover the lost files, simply tick the box in front of them and click the “Recovery” button beside the “Scan” button. Then the software will pop up a dialog box for you to choose a safe place to save the recovered files.

Only this “3-step” operation can help you to recover your files with ease. Or you may also follow the video tape below to process data recovery with ease.

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