How to Perform SD Card Data Recovery on Mac

What are SD Cards?

SD Cards known as Secure Digital Cards are flash memory cards popularly used by digital cameras. They have standard storage capacities, ranging from 1MB to as high as 32GB. There are several formats of SD cards which include mini SD, SD memory card, SDHC, and micro SD. SD cards are developed by Panasonic, SanDisk, and Toshiba. They’re slim and compact yet have the capacity to handle high content volume.

Most Digital devices these days such as Digital cameras, Palms, Tablets, and mobile phones store the data with SD cards which mean SD cards contain very important data and could be a disaster if there’s a loss. But sometimes in life, such is inevitable.

Below are Common Causes of SD Card Data Loss

SD cards are prone to data loss and corruption just like any other storage device. The following circumstances may contribute to the crash of an SD card, leading to loss of photos:

  • Accidental formatting
  • Unintended deletion of files
  • Not properly detaching the SD card from the PC
  • File system corruption
  • Sudden system shut down in the process of transferring files from SD card to computer

So how do you solve a data loss problem and restore your data? Read on to get answers.

Valuable Tips for Lost File Recovery for Mac Users

When you save a file on your computer or storage devices such as the SD card discussed above, the first thing the computer OS or the storage device does is to look for enough space in FAT which does the marking down of all the space usage of the device. The next step is for the operating system to write the file content in the partition and mark it in the FAT to indicate that the space has been occupied by this file.

When you delete this file, the particular file itself is not deleted but only shows you that the space of this file can be used by a new file.

In actual sense, the content of that file remains, only the space marked for it has been freed up. So, when you need to recover that particular lost file, the first thing to do is NOT to put anything new into the drive this file was stored because as soon as this space is taken by a new file, the deleted file cannot be recovered. This is called data overwritten.

Here are the important things to note: If you want to successfully recover files, do not perform any operation after the file loss occurred until you find ways to recover your data.

Perform SD Card Recovery

To recover lost data from SD cards, you need third-party SD card recovery software such as uFlysoft – a Data Recovery software for Mac which is a very powerful SD card data recovery that will help you recover any lost files from SD cards. It supports file recovery from any kind of SD cards in market.

Here’s how to recover files from SD card using a data recovery software:

  1. Connect your SD card to a computer with a data Recovery software for Mac. Select your SD card and begin to scan.
  2. Preview found files to check if your lost files were found.
  3. Select the files you wish to recover on SD card files easily.
  4. That’s it, your lost files have been recovered