How to recover Word documents on your Macintosh computer

If you have accidentally deleted an important word document or you are searching for a file that you did not have a chance to save, you should strongly consider using some of these top strategies for getting your Word document back. It’s important that you don’t give up hope with your Word documents on your Macintosh computer and that you try everything necessary to try getting the files back for use. Here are some top strategies to recover Word documents in Microsoft Office and on Macintosh:

Find the auto recovery folder:

One of the best ways to find all of the auto recovery files on your Macintosh computer in word is to find the auto recovery folder. Sometimes ought over it to read data is not available within the Microsoft office program. If you aren’t able to see a list of the files that you could potentially recover, this could make recovery impossible on your Macintosh computer. Using this step however you can see all of the potential files that you can recover within word. The first step is to find your computers temporary folder or TMP folder or the office auto recovery file. The TMP folder needs to be find via the hidden folders option going to applications> Utilities> Terminal and finding $tmpdir you can see your temporary file folders under the temporaryitems folder. As you open up this file you will be able to see some of the lost auto recovery files that word can’t typically find. Although you may not be able to search through Word documents in this file by their name, you can open up all of the recovery files in this folder using textedit. This can be a long process especially if you have tens of files in this temporary folder. Opening the files in txtedit will also mean that you will lose most or all of the formatting done in the word document format of the file. Although this is not a precise method for recovery, it can be a great way to access your files if you feel as though they could be lost forever.

Open up the file in word:

In many cases word will save multiple copies of the same file in an auto recovery format. Usually you can find these files in the explorer format or simply open them up in word on the left hand side when you open a word document. As you open a new Word document after a restart or force closing of the program, files which have not been saved before the restart will appear on the left-hand side. Simply look for the file name that you were working on or the time that word was open. The files will have a date and time at which they were last saved and you can get an idea of which file may be your is based off of this data. Recovering the file takes just a few minutes and after word restores the file you can get the last saved version of the information for use. This is often one of the quickest and easiest methods to recover a Word document but unfortunately word will not save every file you may have been working on.