Lost Photo Recovery-How Can We Restore Lost Photo in Simple Steps

retrieve lost photo on MacNowadays, more and more people pay would like to choose the popular computer which comes from Apple Inc. – the Mac (Macintosh) because of its high quality, best serve and the wonderful shape.
To many Mac users, Mac seems the most wonderful computer in world. But they maybe forget one important thing – no matter how powerful and intelligent the computer is, it is only still a machine which is made by our human being. We cannot avoid some mistakes come from Mac sometimes, for example, the data loss. Here we talk about the common loss of data-photo loss and find ways to achieve photo loss recovery operation.

Why Photo Loss Happens and Why Lost Photo Can Be Recovered

Generally speaking, photo files will be lost because of many reasons like computer OS crash, software malfunction, and unexpected shutdown when you are doing some work on the photos, virus attack or other natural error for corruption, etc.

Whatever the reason for photo files loss is, you are not able to access them and this may bother you a lot. Means in future, you can’t watch them again.

May you will say, “But your tile says that the lost photos can be recovered, then how to get the lost or deleted photos back? They are gone and can’t assess.” To solve your problems, let’s keep going to the next topic, why the lost photos can still be got back.

Actually, it’s absolutely possible to recover lost photo files. Why? When the photo files were deleted, even after emptying the Mac Trash, you may think the photos are gone forever and cannot get them back anymore. Actually it is not true. After photos were lost, the computer (or storage device) just frees up the space for the new data, while its physical data stays on the computer or storage device just to be overwritten with time. So if you found your precious photos are lost, stop using your machine at once, this can double the chance of lost photo recovery.

What to Do to Get Back Lost Photos

To get back lost photos, you must need the recovery software (or take it to the repair shop but this will take you lots of time and much money). So how to judge a photo recovery tool is fit for your requirements? Let’s check it out.

Usually, a photo recovery tool should go through the process like the points are list below:

ways to undeleted photosLaunch the software which you choose, the list of available disks on the interface to you. Choose the drive (or storage device) you want to recover files are there. Start scanning and take a rest out of your Mac or go for a cup of tea because it may take the software a long time to scan for your files. (The time will last for long or short base on the size of your disk, so be patient to wait.)

Scanning is finished? Then back to the process, you will find the software works because it finds out your lost files, now you need to check carefully to see if the found files are you want to get back.

Now it’s time to take the last steps, choose a safe place (which means the path or drive the lost files were not stored there, this can avoid the file overwritten situation) and then start recovery operation. Wait for a while, the files are back to you.

Easy Step for Photo Recovery

So long for you to read, right? Actually you can try the photo recovery software comes from uFly studio. Why use this? Because the operation above can be simply become only 3 steps below:

1. Download the uFly Photo Recovery software on your Mac first. (We also offer the Windows PC version. Check the information here.)

2. Select and scan the drive or storage device for the lost photo files.

select and scan lost files

3. Preview the found photo files, target which you want to get back and start recovery operation.

preview found photos

Finish! Only these 3 simple steps to follow and you can easily restore back lost photos no matter what reasons you lose them before.

What Make uFly Photo Recovery so Powerful

The deeply scanning technology, the strongly recover ability; these two main points make uFly Photo Recovery become the powerful photo recovery software. What’s more, based on the simple operation, even new users can handle this software with no stress.