How Can We Recover Lost Files from Your Mac OS X PC Easily

There is so much you can do with your Mac, without even worrying about how and why. Everything is so simple and easy, that you can finish your work in a hassle free manner. Each Excel file on your Mac has important information about different ongoing projects. There are numerous folders on my system which has several excel files made every day.ufly

Despite the fact that the Macintosh is known to deliver a seamless experience, the loss of files and their accidental deletion cannot be predicted. With so much of important information stored on your excel files regarding facts and figures, you just cannot afford to lose such files. If you work on Excel sheets on a daily basis and have tones of such files on your computer, you can certainly connect with this issue. These inescapable situations often lead to serious disappointments and stoppage.

But, you need not panic anymore, as there are ways to recover your excel files in Mac. These are tried methods and you can try them without any hesitation.

Auto Recovery: Microsoft offers its users the option to auto recover any data so that they do not lose anything important. To make use of this, click on the word option on your Microsoft word file. Then choose preferences, and in the output and sharing section click on Save. Once you select the Save option, you would get an option of “Save AutoRecover info every _ mins”. In this option add the time in which you want an auto save to happen. Once you have saved any file while working on it, the next time any crash or shutdown happens, the file would automatically get saved.

Using ufly data recovery for mac: There are plenty of uFly Data Recovery  available for Mac that can help recover deleted files. All you need to do is choose the folder where you had stored the file and enter the file name. The software then fetches the file and asks for a location where you would like to restore it. Do the needful and you’re good to go.

This option to auto save files is a great help, as while you are busy working on any excel file, the auto recover option works on the backend, by saving your file after every specified minute added by you in the auto recovery option. Once you do that, you file gets opened as per the last saved version, which can then be saved at any location of your choice.

Alternatively, you can also use software tools in case you’ve lost a complete set of files. But, make sure you don’t add more files to that particular folder as that would reduce the chances of recovery. Now no more losing files, as with these simple to do steps, saving and retrieving files is easier than ever.