Perform Mac or Windows PC Lost Files Recovery with File Recovery Software

lost file recovery methodWe need to delete files when we are using our computer because some files seem useless. But sometimes we don’t know if the deleted files are still needed or not. Or we don’t know if the deletion will cause the bad effect on the operating system, what we do is to delete the files which we consider they are no longer needed. So the problem is coming, some important files in the deleted files are still needed even lots of them are very important for our computer OS. At this moment we want to get them back. Guess what? They cannot be got back ’cause we just emptied the recycle bin! Now we need to find ways to recover the deleted files. This article offers you guidance about getting files back.

First Things We Need to Know-Store and Delete

To recover the lost file successfully, the first thing we need to know is how the files store or delete on a hard drive.

When you store a file in to a hard drive, the operating system will find space on the File Allocation Table (FAT) which marks down the usage of all the space of your hard drive at first, and then write the content of this file on the partition of the hard drive and marks the space is occupied by this file.

When you delete a file, the operating system will not do any operation to the partition which the file is there, but only free up the space for it.

Turn to the file deletion, when a file is deleted, the real file is still there, only the space is free up for the new data and you still have chances to get it back. But if you newly build or put a new file into the partition which is belonging to the old one, the old one will be deleted forever because this action we call it data overwritten.

Now you are clear that you still have the opportunity to recover the lost file.

How to Get Lost Files Back

In my opinion, data recovery is complicated for many users like you and I. I will suggest you to try the professional data recovery software. Why? I know there are lots of software on the net now and lots of them are free to download and use. However, how can you make sure if the so-called freeware will bring you the virus or not? Moreover, this professional software also offers you the support via phone or email so you can connect them when you meet any problems.

solution for getting back lost filesHere bring you the uFly Data Recovery for Mac Version and uFly for Windows Version. Both of this software can help users to recover lost files with ease “3-step” like below:

1. Install this free download data recovery software on your Mac.

2. Launch the program and choose the hard disk where your lost files were stored before and start scanning.

3. After scanning finished, you can preview your lost files, you can choose which you want to get back and then click “Recovery”, you will find the lost files coming back to you again in a while.

No more technical skills are required and you can easily get your files back, why not just come and have a try?

Kindly Remind

1. When the drive which your files were lost has been put new data into, the lost files can still be possible found out but not all of them can be recovered.

2. When you choose the destination to save the files, don’t save them in to the drive where your lost files were stored before because the recovery process is also the write process. If you do this, the recovery operation won’t be successful.

3. More details of data restore please keep viewing our blog to read more.