How to Recover iOS 7 iTunes Backup to Your iPhone

iphone ios data recovery methodsAlthough Apple has officially declared that the latest iOS 7 will be released this fall, it seems that many iOS device users, especially those who want to be ahead of the rest, have installed the newest iOS 7 in beta on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Well, when you have been drawn in to enjoying the new design of iOS 7, you must admit that there are still some pitfalls, like the instability, which makes some people want to drop the new iOS 7 and get back to their previous iOS 6.

The problem is that restoring an iOS 7 iTunes backup to a downgraded iOS 6 device is impossible.

When you’ve encountered this and you still want the data in the backup file back, keep the backup and don’t discard it. Next, we are going to show you how to recover your iOS 7 iTunes backup to your iPhone, also can recover the backup for your iPad or iPod touch.

Recover iOS 7 iTunes backup to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Before you doing anything else, get uFly studio present software for iPhone data recovery- or Mac Version iPhone Data Recovery or Windows Version iPhone Data Recovery and install it on your Mac or computer.

What the iPhone data recovery tool can do for you?

Both versions of iPhone Data Recovery Software are great companions to iTunes. No matter your device is running on iOS 7 or iOS 6, they can help you extract all contents in your device’s backup generated by iTunes. Moreover, before restoring the backup, you can preview the detail of messages, contacts, photos, notes, call logs, etc. And the recover can be flexible. Different from the “All or nothing” rule of iTunes, you can selectively recover what you need from the backup with this software. Now follow the steps below to explore more by yourself.

Step 1. Scan and extract your iTunes backup

To get started, close iTunes on your computer and then run Mac Version iPhone Data Recovery (Here we use Mac version as an example to show you the steps). Switch to Recover from iTunes Backup Files on the top of the program’s window, and you’ll see the window below.step one for iPhone data recovery

Here the iTunes backup file will be automatically scanned and displayed in front of you. Choose the one of your iPhone and click Start Scan to extract it.

Note: If you have more than one device synced with iTunes on your computer, you’ll see a few iTunes backup files here. Just choose the one with a recent date for your iPhone and move forward.

Step 2. Preview and recover the data from your iOS 7 backup

The extracting process will take you a few seconds. After it, you’ll see a scan result as follows.step two for iPhone data recovery

All data in the backup have been extracted and displayed in categories. You can click to check them one by one, and then tick off the one that you think you need them. Click the Recover button at the right corner of the program’s window. Now you’ve saved them all to your computer with one click.

Step 3. Recover the iOS 7 iTunes backup to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

The recovered data is saved on your computer after recover the iOS 7 iTunes backup. So easy for you to do this easy task for iPhone data recovery, right?

Kindly Reminds

1. No matter how busy you are, back up for your important files is necessary in our daily lives so that you won’t meet the file loss problem.

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