Recovery of the PPT files

The Microsoft Office can give you the possibility to recover the lost data if the operating system suffers from some power failure, crashing or some plain human error. Most of the people do not use the options that are available for them in the recovery process. The Auto Recover and AutoSave options work in different versions, so you might need some help with this. How can the PPT files recovery can be done on Mac?

If the Mac has crashed and no data has being saved, then you might need some data recovery software. Since PowerPoint gives you the AutoSave option, the work can be easily saved and automatically recovered from the file. If the auto saved file cannot be finding, then you can try some recovery software. If you don’t want to lose the data completely, then you have to stop using the Mac data recovery software when the Office is not saving the data. You can also try uFly recovery wizard for Mac and perform the PPT files recovery.

What are the steps on PPT files recovery using uFly?

There are a lot of online recovery tools that can be used as PPT files recovery, but the best tool is the one that is the most effective and reliable.uFly is considered as the best one for recovering the file on Mac and is the most powerful recovery software. It can help you to restore files like videos, pictures, office files, and files from other storage devices or from the hard drive of the computer. You need to download the software and initiate the process.

PPT files recovery using AutoRecover

Since Microsoft Office has amazing features and one of them is the AutoSave where you can save some temporary copy of the data automatically, that feature can save the information on every 10 minutes. It is available in the other applications and can save the data automatically if some loss happens. If you want to use this feature of auto saving, first you have to enable the option. This can be done with clicking on the menu of PowerPoint and choosing the Preferences option. Then you can click Save and select the AutoSave option. With entering smaller number than 10 in the box you will specify the time for which the data will be saved.

If the Mac crashes and the data from the PPT file is lost, next time you will open the file, automatically will be auto-saved. There are some other paths in finding and restoring the files.

How to recover lost or deleted PPT files on Mac?

The PPT files recovery of deleted or lost files can be done with using some other data recovery software. Cisdem Data Recovery is another option if you want effective process and if you want your data to be completely restored. It can recover files like videos, images, external storage files and office files, so you can download it for free and let it do the recovery job.

How to perform the PPT files recovery on Mac?

You can select the option of recovering the document and you will get different options. The option of “Document recovery” can help you to return the deleted or lost PPT files.

What are the standard features?

The standard features of the recovery software is that supports all of the file versions, restores the layout and the structure of the presentation, extracts the master slides, recovers the font size style, color of the text and the type face, it recovers the slide animation, the gradient fills inside the shapes, extracts data from the documents that have been saved fast and provides full support of installation and un-installation.

What are the limitations?

The software does not recover notes, lists, visual basic objects or encrypted files.

What are the system requirements?

The system requirements are to have free space of minimum 10MB for installation, the display to be of 256 colors and at least 640×480 resolutions.

Recovering a PPT file needs the basic recovery methods in order to restore the document. You can use the “Recover Unsaved Presentations” or some other method to find the file and getting the presentation back.