Restore Lost File from Computer with Powerful Data Recovery Software

computer data recovery toolAs we all know, if we delete a file from our computer hard drive, this file will be removed to the recycle bin and when we need it back, we just need to go into the recycle bin to get it back. But what if some important files were deleted and we emptied the recycle bin? Can the files be got back? Use the “fix registry” function on your computer can help you a lot and I think most of the computer users can find this method. But when you find this method doesn’t work, or you are using the Mac OS but not the Windows OS computer, what to do now? Can we get the lost files back now? The answer is yes! Now this article will offer you a method to get your files back.

The Possibility of Lost File Recovery

When we need to solve a problem, we need to learn the details of this problem and then we can find the right solution. So here let’s learn the principle of storing a file in the drive and what is the real meaning of “deleting a file”.

Let’s talk about the file storing first. For example, the file which stored on the hard drive likes a chain table, the header of the chain table is the beginning address of the file. The whole file is not necessarily sequential, but link by the node. If we need to access a file all we need to do is to find the header. So when we delete a file, we are not deleting the whole chine table, we just delete the header but the data that behind the header is not deleted until the next time of writing new data to the node which is belonging to this file.

So this is why we can still recover the deleted files if we did not put any new data into the drive.

How Can the Lost Files Be Recovered

rescue the lost or deleted filesUse the professional software is my choice to recover the lost files. Why? Well, there are actually lots of freeware on the net for you to choose but you cannot make sure this so-called freeware can 100% safe for your computer but the professional paid software does. (At least this kind of software has the support team for you to contact if you meet any problem.)

As I had tried lots of software, I recommend you to use uFly Data Recovery Software. The uFly studio offers the uFly Data Recovery Mac Version and uFly Data Recovery Windows version for all of the computer users to get the lost files back. What’s more, it also protects your files safety-it only do the read process on your computer when it is working and it will not write anything new to the drive where your files lost from.

For more details about how uFly data recovery software works you just need to click here to get the info you need.