Restore Your Lost Files from Mac OS X PC

bring back lost files for your MacMac OS X is a series of highly-advanced and powerful operating systems by Apple Inc. Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks is the latest and most popular version of this series. This high-featured OS includes a number of applications that offer efficient services enabling you to use features of another application while working on one application. However, in some cases, operating system failure can make these services inaccessible. At this point, your valuable data become inaccessible and you face data loss situations that need Mac data recovery to recover the lost files from your Mac OS X.

What Cause the Data Loss Problem

In Mavericks operating system, you can pull down application menu and access the Services submenu that includes various items. If you find that application services are unavailable, then it can be due to some problems with Mac OS X operating system itself. There are various other reasons of this problem that may put you in need of Mac recovery solutions.

1. System preferences corruption or invalid system preferences. If you face any such problem, then you are required to check the preferences. In case there is any faulty preference, you can remove it.

2. The installation of application is either corrupt or inaccessible. In case the application icon in Dock is not working, you can start application from Applications directory.

3. The application has been uninstalled. In this situation, you need to reinstall the application from original installation disk.

If none of the above problems apply to your situation and you cannot fix the issue using above suggestions, then the problem could be due to operating system crash or malfunction.

In order to perform data recovery mac in case of operating system malfunction, you need to reinstall the operating system. This Mac file recovery solutions can fix most of the issues, but it also has hazards of data loss.

After you reinstall the operating system, you are required to recover Mac data from the most recent backup. To ensure absolute HFS+ recovery, you must have a valid and updated backup. In the else case, HFS recovery may not be successful and cause further data loss.

In such situations, Mac recovery software become need of hour. They offer efficient file recovery Mac using advanced Mac recovery algorithms. These Mac OS X recovery applications preserve absolute integrity of your precious data with read-only and non-destructive conduct. As I’ve ever try lots of data recovery program, uFly Data Recovery for Mac is the Top 1 in my recommended list.

Check out what it can do for you? Let’s check it out.

Features of uFly Data Recovery for Mac

1. Recover almost all types of files like Word Document, Excel files, emails, photo, video and audio. And during the recovery process, users can found that all files are found by using the deeply scanning technology.

Mac OS X file rescue2. Restore files from various devices such as Mac-based hard drive, external hard drive, digital camera, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Touch, pen drive, USB drive and other storage devices like SD card, CF card, memory card etc. with this data recovery software.

3. Interface of this new Mac version is pretty simple and intuitive. It is just like being designed for novice users: only two easy-to-use buttons in total during the whole recovery process.

4. Support not only Mac OS X 10.9 and lower (Mac OS X 10.8, 10.7, 10.6) but also all common files systems (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, HFS, HFS )


5. Safe and non-destructive software. No write operation performed, for it is read only. So no need to worry about the original data will be lost or overwritten.

And one more thing, most of users just like me and you are not the experts of Mac OS and when we need to finish the file recovery process, we will think it is so complicated to us. But uFly Data Recovery for Mac make the operation become easier for us: No technical skills are needed, all we need to do is to do some click jobs and then the software will bring the lost files back to us again! If you need to get files back, I think this software will be the best choice for you.


1. Backup is always the golden rule for protecting your files away from the data loss problem. So remember to build a backup regularly is a good habit for your files’ safety.

2. For more details about Mac lost data recovery or other data recovery method you can visit our other posts on our blog.