How to Solve iPhone Photo File Loss Problem Which Caused by Jailbreak

It’s a pretty common occasion that we can’t recover lost photos from iPhone it the photo loss situation is caused by the jailhelp iPhone user to get lost photo files backbreak process. A friend of mine told me her story. One day she went to the App store and wanna have her iPhone 4S jailbreak for stronger ability and capacity of handling iPhone software and enjoy the convenience provided by it. After knowing that jailbreak in the App store will cost her a big bunch of money, my friend turned to her friend and jailbreak her iPhone.

My friend’s iPhone 4s seemed to work good and she enjoyed lots of interesting iPhone software. But something was wrong that my friend found her precious photos taken with her families and friends were gone. She asked her friend why this situation could happen? Later she went to an APP store and  was told that her friend forgot to backup her photos with the iTunes. And there was no way to recover lost photos from iPhone. My friend was so upset and she told me her regret for saving the money. Since I know nothing about iPhone software and the logic theory and the process of jailbreak an iPhone, I could do nothing for her but to feel sorry for what happened to her iPhone 4S and her lost photos.

Later while searching on the internet, I happened to come across a free software-uFly Photo Recovery for iPhone Mac Version or Photo Recovery for iPhone Window Version, which was highly recommended by many iPhone users that it’s worthy to try this amazing software to recover the lost data from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod and iPad etc. Then I introduced this software to my friend and it worked. She founded her lost photos from her iPhone 4s and she felt so exciting for getting her photos back.

Steps to Take to Get Lost Photo Back from iPhone

The following steps are helping you recover lost photo from iPhone:

1: Download uFlysoft iPhone Photo Recovery on your Mac or computer, launch it and click “Start” to the process of recovering your lost photos from iPhone devices. step for iphone contact rescue

2: Connect your iPhone to the PC, choose “Recover from iOS Device” or “Recover form iTunes Backup” and click “Recover” to start to recover lost photos from iPhone.recover iphone data guidance

3: uFly iPhone Photo Recovery will scan the iPhone device and display the founded photos on the right side of the interface. Then you can preview your lost photo and choose to recover and save them on your PC. guidance for iphone 5c contact recovery

After taking the above mentioned steps, you’ll recover lost photos from iPhone and you’ll see the lost photo right there in your PC.

In a word, uFly iPhone Photo Recovery provides you amazing methods to solve different data lost situations including accidentally delete contacts, lost important files while syncing or unable to find vital data after jailbreak. But the best way to make your iPhone data away from the data loss is to back up your files. So back up your files for example back up the files on iCloud regularly is a good habit for you.

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