How to Solve Mac File Loss Problem

Mac Files Loss Problem

method for getting files backThis morning I read an “ask for help” message in an Ask & Answer forum, the details are listed below.

“NO NO NO NO! My files gone!

Hi, I have no idea if this has happened to you before or not but it just happened to me and I am hoping to God one of you brilliant friendly people can help me. I shut down my mac and when I started it up again all the files I had saved, all my music, all my photos and numbers and videos and everything else I have worked on in the last year has just gone. No trace of it. If any of you have any idea and tell me how to restore the lost files from Mac, I would love to know. Also, all the applications are still there but some of them need to be registered again.


Maybe some of you, my dear readers, have met this situation before. You may think of taking your Mac to the repair shop first. But why don’t you try to recover the files which had been eaten by your Mac yourselves? Today we will show how to use the file recovery software for Mac to get back the lost files.

Reasons of Mac Files Loss

Before we start recovering, let’s learn the main reasons of Mac files loss. As an old saying, “Know your enemy and know yourself”, we can recover the lost files easier after we learn the reasons. Without further ado, let’s check it out.

1.Deletion or formatting accidentally

Some of the files may be formatted/deleted accidentally from your Mac hard drive when you feel they are no need, but after a few days of months, you may need them.

2.Virus infection

You may lose your Mac files when your Mac is infected with virus. Even worse, when you connect your memory card or other store devices with the Mac which is attacked by virus, your files in the memory card/store devices may be lost too.

3.Suddenly shutting down/Power off

The sudden shutting down or power-off of the machines may also lead to the files loss. When you are transferring the files from memory card/store devices to your Mac and the sudden shutting down happens, you may lose the files from either the devices or your Mac, or they may be damaged and cannot be accessed.

Recover Mac Files with Mac File Recovery Software

ways for user to restore Mac lost fileTo tell you the truth, take your Mac to the repair shop maybe a good choice, but it takes you a lot-time, money. So why don’t you just have a try on a Mac file recovery tool? Here we suggest you to have a try on uFly Mac data recovery software. With it, all you need to do is to follow the easy to use “3-step” operation to get back your lost files.

1.Install the free download application on your Mac.

2.Launch the program and select your hard drive (or store device which is connected with your Mac) where the lost files were stored to scan.

3.After scanning finished, click the button “Recover”, you will be asked where you want to store the files. DO NOT save the recovered files to the same path where you lost them before.

After these three easy steps, you will find all your lost files are coming back to you again. All of these steps just cost you a few minutes and it’s very easy for you to get files back with this powerful file recovery program for Mac.


You’d better build a backup after file recovering is finished to protect your files away from the data loss problem. For more details about data recovery please read this.