How to Do to Solve Mac Files Loss Problem and Bring Back the Lost Files

restore your lost Mac filesAs one of the popular, or the most popular computer in the world, Mac is fantastic: processing program, capable of storing lots of files like as videos, audios, photos, documents, etc. But every coin has two sides, Mac is also a carrier that can cause file loss situation easily because of system corruption, system failure and virus attack, these are the main reason which can make file loss happen on Mac. To you-the Mac owner, any loss to these important files will definitely bring great troubles. In this case, you can use data recovery tool to help you in solving file loss problem on Mac easily. uFly Data Recovery is just one of the data recovery tools which can fix the Mac file loss problem for you.

Why the Mac Lost File Can Be Recovered

Usually, only one delete command, even worst, the accidentally deletion or formatting won’t make files disappear completely from your Mac drive. The files are still there just marked as free space to be overwritten. If you keep putting something new into it, the new files will take over the space where the lost files were stored. Once overwritten, it’s impossible to recover lost files.

So the most important thing is here: stop using your Mac at once because this can protect your original files from overwritten. So as is clear to us, as long as your lost files are not overwritten by new files, you can definitely achieve file recovery on the tiny piece of your machine.

How A Data Recovery Program Save Your Files

Generally speaking, a data recovery program will process like below to help you in recovering lost data:

First of all, you need to choose the appropriate which fit for your requirements (this includes the features, the safety, the price, etc.) Then you need to drag it into your Applications folder. During the first-time launch you’ll be prompted for an admin password to install the drive. (Pay attention to this: DO NOT install it on the drive where your lost files were stored before.)

Now the data recovery program will ask you to choose the drive or volume to scan for the lost files. Make sure you choose the right one to save your time. Calm down, you do the right thing and this can make your recovery become successfully. The scanning will analyzes every bit of the disk in a binary mode. It takes a long or short time because it is based on how large your drive is, the number the files lost, the state of the media, etc. the data analyzing process might take up to several hours, so just be patience.undo the lost files from Mac

The result is the list of the files available for recovery. You can preview the found files and target the files which you want to recover. To do that select the file(s) and hit the “Recover” button. Wait until all the recovered files are copied to the new destination.

Easy Steps for Recovering Deleted Files

Too long or too complicated to read the process above? It doesn’t, here offer the simple steps to restore your lost files. Yes, just only 3 sentences. Let’s check it out.

1. Download uFly Data Recovery for Mac first.

2. Select and scan the drive or storage device where your lost files were store before.

select and scan lost files

3. Preview the found files (Only photos files can be previewed) and click “Recovery”, choose the safe destination to save the targeted files to finish recovery operation.

preview for the found files

Yes, no more process and operation, all you need is just a few click jobs and few buttons to bring back the lost files, why not just get it to have a try?

Kindly Tips: To protect your files form losing again, build a backup for them is necessary.

Why Select uFly Mac Data Recovery to Recover Deleted Files

uFly Mac Data Recovery is valid for its high-tech technologies-deeply scan, powerful recovery ability, and the most important thing is the easy-to-use operating process. Users can handle this software to get back their deleted files with ease. Another point is this software protect our users right: free scan first to make sure the lost files can be found by this software, then upgrade to the full version.