Take the Right Action to Recover Lost Data from Your Computer

The worst problem for the computer user must be data loss problem. Imagine how painful if the important files which related to the works or business are lost due to accidental deletion or formatting. Now, this article will show some easy-to-use method to help the user to get back lost files in a simple way. Let’s check it out.

Easy Methods for Recovering Lost Data

make data recovery become easy1. When users delete a file from computer hard drive, don’t panic. The first thing the user is going to do must be checking the recycle bin/Mac trash. If it is lucky enough, user can simply recover this file by clicking “restore”. If not, user can recover it by using a system recovery function. Choose the option to restore the computer the date earlier. Then, the computer system will be back to the date you choose and the user will find the file is still there after restarting the computer.

2. This is aimed especially at Word or Excel files. If the computer user is using and suddenly power-off, the Word (or Excel) file is not auto saved, user can restart the Word (or Excel), and then a dialog box will pop, find out the file which is not auto save and open it and then save it again. But the most safe way is that the user should set the auto saves option every 5 or 10 minutes so that the probability of data loss will be decreased.

What If the Data Loss in Worse than Normal Way

Seems that the above is easy to handle, right? But what if the data loss situation is more complicated? For example, if user format the hard drive, what solution to take to recover the files?

If users really meet this situation, I suggest two ways: Repair shop or Data Recovery Software.

The repair shop can offer the professional technical support and help in recovering files easily. And users don’t need to worry about any technical problems ’cause the stuff there will fix everything.

But in my opinion, I am not so preferring repair shop ’cause sometimes we may store some private information like bank account or personal message on our computer. Few guys in the repair may be the bad guys and they will steal your information. (In rare cases we may meet these bad guys, but who knows?) So, if you decide to choose a repair shop, choose the one which is famous and the reputation is good.

solve-macbook-data-loss-problem-2The second way is data recovery software. Maybe some users think that if they choose this way, the data can be safe. I have to say every coin has two sides. If one user chooses will bring the ads even virus, it also will do harm to the data which are stored on the computer. So, to choose the good quality data recovery software, user should be careful. The first thing user need to consider is if the software comes from a good website but does not come from nowhere. This can make sure it won’t bring the ads or virus.

The second is that if the software offers the free scan option. This is very important ’cause user can scan the drive or device which the files were lost from to see if the software can find them out or not. If yes, the software can help in recovering files. If not, choose another one.

The last but not least, the software should offer user technical support anytime. If the customer service can help user timely, I do believe the user would love to use the software.

Final Though

At the last of this article, I would like to say no matter which way user chooses to recover files, there is no 100% guarantee that the files can be recovered ’cause there are tons of reasons which cause data loss problem. So, build a backup for the important data is the best way to avoid data loss situation.

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