The Feasible method to Recover lost Files on Mac OS X

recover files on macbookHave you ever wrongly delete or just lost the business project which you work on a Word document or Excel files and then empty the Trash Bin? Feel panic? Have no idea how to seek for help and have to start the project again? Actually there is a good way to recover lost files on your Mac: Use a trustworthy data recovery program.

To the users who always focus their business on Mac or PC, it is a lucky thing that a good quality data recovery software is there being ready for restoring delete files. But only having this software is not enough, we need to learn more about why we lose files and why the lost files can be recovered. Now, let’s check it out.

The Difficulty of Retrieving Lost or Deleted Files

I know that most of you, even me, are not the professional guys who are majoring in computer technology, so the data recover task may be very complicated for us. Why? Because the normal sense which we learn is that once the files are deleted and the trash bin has been emptied, the files or folders are really gone and we cannot find them on your computer hard drive.

What’s more, some users will search on Google to look for the method to recover lost files-this is a good habit because this shows users know how to find ways to solve their problem but not just wait and feel panic. But sometimes this may cause another problem: Data overwritten problem.

What is data overwritten? Let me tell you this: When a file was deleted from your hard drive or trash bin, this file is not really erased. What operating system does is only frees up the space of this deleted file so that there is enough space on the hard drive for some new files which may be put in in the feature. This means the file is not really a “deleted file”, it is still remaining on the computer but users cannot read or write.recover lost files in mac osx

At this moment, if a new file has been put into the computer, this new file will take the space of the so called “deleted file”, once this happen, the “deleted file” will be really deleted from your computer, this is data overwritten.

See? This make data recovery become difficult because of some wrong operation.

The way to Get Back Files on Mac

After reading the above information, you may ask, “As you said, it is difficult to recover the files, so what we can do? Is it still possible to get the lost files back?” Yes, it is possible to recover your lost files on your Mac. Though data recovery is a complicated task which involve tones of computer technology we normal users don’t know, a data recovery program can make the complicated task become a very easy operation. All we need to do is search a good quality data recovery software to finish the file recovery mission.

On our technical blog, I will suggest you to have a try on uFly Mac Data Recovery, an easy to use application which enables you to get back missing files without pressure. For the details you can check one of our blog post to see the details about using our software to recover lost files on your Mac even any other storage devices you lost files from!