This Is the Way for You to Recover iPhone or Computer Lost Data

ipod-touch-mp3-file-recoveryAlthough the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are released, the iPhone 4 which is left by Jobs is still the classical one to the fans of iPhone. No matter how fantastic the next version iPhone is, it is impossible for them to instead of the iPhone 4 because most of users just like me will think that the shape, the function even the ring tone are the best of the best.

I have to upgrade the iOS to iOS 7 because I want to try it. But to tell you the truth, I don’t really like it so much, especially the interface, it is not so beautiful like other users said. But I see on some forums the user said that if the iPhone has been jailbreak, it will be slower than before. Unfortunately, I am the one of the users who will jailbreak, and now I feel regret because I make my iPhone become slower. So I have to upgrade to iOS 7.

After 40 minutes, I perform the upgrading and I feel my phone become faster. Yes it actually is because when you upgrade the iOS, all the data you store on the iPhone are gone and there is enough space for you to run other apps. But I find one big question, the classical ring tone has gone! This new iOS’s ring tone is not my cup of tea. Now what? What to do to get my favorite ring tone back?

I search on internet and find two ways to fix my question. One suggestion is going to find and download that ring tone, but there are too many versions on the internet and there is no way to listen on line. So I download some but find that none of them is correct. And this make my files on my iPhone messy so I am not dare to try. And other way is easier: Using data recovery software to have a try to recover the files on my phone. I found one which named uFly Data Recovery is good because the scanning speed is fast, the recovery ability is good, it is an easy to use software which has powerful function like below:

Support FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT file recovery

Support undelete, unformat, partition file recovery, and recover files from many file loss situation

Support recovering files according file name and support Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, 3GP, MP4, RMVB, MOV, CDR, XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, ZIP, RAR, NEF, CR2 etc file formats recovery

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA/WINDOW 7

Minimum memory: 512 M

What Users Should Pay attention To

recover-deleted-fileThe thing we should never do is putting any new files into the partition which we lost our files from. Because the new put files will make a big damage to the “lost files” even make data recovery become impossible. So don’t put any new files into the partition and shut down the apps which are unnecessary to run. And then use the professional data recovery to recover the files as soon as possible.

After file loss happens, the files are not really deleted. When you operate the deletion command, the operating system is going to free up the space of the files so that this space can be used by any new files you will put into the drive later. At this moment, the files are not available to be read or wrote, and you cannot find them anywhere on your hard drive. There is still chance for you to get it back.

But if you put any new files into the path where the lost files were stored before, you may cause the data overwritten situation and you will lose the chance to recover the files. Why? Because the new files may take the space of the “deleted files”, once they take the space, the “deleted files” which can be recovered before the data overwritten happen will be lost forever. That’s why I mention so many times in this article: Don’t put any new files into the partition.

But you can still try the professional and simple way to get the files back-modify the registry like the professional computer users. But as the normal users, this way is a little bit difficult because lots of users haven’t this kind of computer skills to handle this process and once anything wrong happens, it will bring a bad result. So, if users have not enough computer skills, don’t try this method.

The Ability of uFly Data Recovery

More powerful undelete function: When use Shift+Delete to delete files from FAT 32, this file’s record will be damaged. When it is recovered by other data recovery software, it cannot be opened or opened but blank. But uFly Data Recovery Software will fix this situation and recover the data.

More comprehensive unformat ability: uFly Data Recovery will scan FAT, FAT32, NTFS and exFAT as well as scan the partition. This will make the data recovery more completely.

Fast speed scanning of partition: uFly Data Recover can speed the damage partition or the “cannot open” partition fast, only in few minutes. And it also support MBR and GPT partition, this can save the time of scanning.

Notes We Should Take

ipod-touch-mp4-recoveryThe thing we don’t want to see when data recovery is processing is the second time damage, this will make data recovery become more difficult. Here is the things we should not do.

Don’t do the DskChk Check

In the normal situation when we meet file system error, the computer will ask if we want to do DskChk check when we turn on (or restart) our computers again. If we don’t do any operation, the check will be operated after 10 seconds. This operation some times can fix the damage of some catalog files, but more it will do is destroy the data. So if data loss happens, do let the DskChk check run.

Don’t Format the Partition Again

The first time formatting which cause data loss happen like format FAT32 to NTFS, or format NTFS to FAT32, this problem can be solve and recover data is easy. But if users format it again, it will make a big damage and it will make data recovery become impossible.

Check more details on our official website uFly studio whenever you want to get more technical supports.