Some Tips You May Need to Protect Hard Drive from Data Loss

macbook-data-recovery-1In our daily live, when we use the computer to work or have fun, the hard drive is the highest use part because all of files and even the computer operating system are stored on it. But some times we may meet hard drive problems which are caused by software crashed or hardware failed. When we meet these problems, we may lose our important files. So the way to recover lost data is what we search after hard drive failed or crashed. So this article will show you a few tips to protect your hard drive so that you won’t meet data loss problem.

HDD Power

The power of your hard drive some times may be ignored during you the computer. Some users even don’t what is the power of your hard drive. So this makes many poor-quality power be put into our computer. This kind of power can still be reluctantly used, but once the computer upgrades the hardware (like extent memory bank or change graphics card), the power will cause some problem like restart the computer, shut down the computer even cannot turn on the computer. So a good quality power can keep safety of your computer hard drive.

Be Careful of the Static Electricity

As a computer lover, disassemble the hard drive is just a piece of cake-but you need to pay attention. At this moment, static electricity can do some harm to your hard drive, especially in the cold dry winter. In the cold dry winter, we human being had a lot of static electricity on our human body. If we touch the hard drive directly, the static electricity will “kill” the hard drive. To avoid this problem, before we touch the hard drive (even the computer), we’d better wash our hands or touch some metals to release the static electricity.

Avoid Too Much Read and Write Operation

When the hard drive is reading or writing, the magnetic head will not touch the disc-in generally speaking. So the disc will not meet any losses during this operation. But the hard drive is a part of a computer which contains mechanical components and electronic units, so the long time works will infect its life. Think about how big the differences between using the ROM to read CD/DVD and the time it doesn’t read. So to protect your computer hard drive, install the software you really need but install too many apps you don’t need so that you can protect your computer hard drive.

Don’t Turn Off Computer When Hard Drive is Still Working

macbook-data-recovery-2In generally speaking, the rotational speed of the hard drive is 7200RPM. When we turn on our computer, the hard drive is in the operation which is rotating and speeding up. If we cut off the power suddenly, strongly friction will be caused between magnetic head and the disc, and this will damage the hard drive. So when you need to turn off your computer, check clearly if all applications are turned off first, and then turn off your computer.

Avoid the Dust

At last, don’t neglect the dust, it can do a huge to your hard drive. Hard drive can easily adsorb massive quantities of dust which are spread throughout the air. If the dust was adsorbed on the hard drive, the dust will reduce the ability of heat emission. The high temperature will do harm to the hard drive and make it down

Final Conclusion

Protect your hard drive carefully can help you to protect your computer from data loss problem. So just be careful the tips above. You may also view more articles on our blog or go to our official website by clicking uFly studio to get more tips you may need.